EARLI 2015


Social Events

When striving for excellence, you need to make sure to leave yourself some time for recreation to recharge your batteries. To do so, the EARLI 2015 will offer a range of events that do not follow the scientific conference formats, but give you the opportunity to meet and engage with colleagues in more casual environments and provide a friendly and sociable framework for the conference. See the following table for an indicative overview of social events for EARLI and JURE 2015. Check here again for updates on the timetable and schedule.


See the following table for an overview of social events:


                               Event                                    Time & Place
JURE opening

Sunday 23

JURE dinner

Monday 24

JURE Closing Ceremony Monday 24
SIG Coordinators' Meeting

Tuesday 25

Opening Ceremony

Tuesday 25

Lunch with the Professors

Tuesday 25

Wednesday 26

Editorial Board Meeting
Learning and Instruction

Tuesday 25

Editorial Board Meeting

Wednesday 26

Editorial Board Meeting

Thursday 27

Opening Reception

Tuesday 25

SIG Meetings

Wednesday 26

SIG Dinners

Wednesday 26

Doctoral Consortium Lunch

Thursday 27

Members' Meeting

Thursday 27

Gala Dinner

Friday 28

Closing Ceremony

Saturday 29






JURE Opening: Official Opening of the JURE pre-conference by the organising committee.

JURE Dinner: The JURE Dinner is a social gathering for all JURE participants who want to get to know other young researchers in an amiable atmosphere with good food.

Opening Ceremony: The official welcome of the conference participants by the EARLI conference committee.  Join us for a brief Cypriot music and dance programme and important information about the conference ahead.

JURE Closing Ceremony:  The conference committee will close the JURE 2015 and introduce the JURE 2016 conference chairs.

Lunch with the Professors:
Professors join small groups of young researchers for lunch. There, they can exchange their ideas, brain-storm and socialize in a more private and quiet surrounding than the usual conference huzz-buzz.

Presidential Address and Awards: The president’s speech is followed by the award ceremony for EARLI Awards.  The event will take place at the open-air Municipal Garden Theatre from 19:30-21:00 on Tuesday, August 25.

Opening Reception: To welcome you at EARLI 2015 in Limassol, we would like to invite you to an opening reception at the Pattichion Municipal Museum Gardens, where we will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of EARLI.  Finger food, unlimited local drinks, and pleasant music will highlight the beginning of what we hope will be an enjoyable and productive conference. The reception will follow the Presidential Address and Awards and will begin at 21:00, on Tuesday, August 25.  

Doctoral Consortium:
Through this event the conference committee wants to give young researchers the opportunity to engage with EARLI representatives and talk about issues such as career development, networking and funding.

SIG Dinners: An evening especially for the meeting in the special interest groups. For each SIG reservations have been made in a restaurant within walking distance to the main campus. If you have not yet reserved your place, contact your SIG coordinator.

Members' Meeting: The Members' Meeting will take place ath the Rialto (purple area) the 27th August 2015 from 17:30-19:00. All EARLI members and conference attendees are invited to visit the Members Meeting. The current EC and especially the EARLI president report about all important news from within EARLI.

Gala Dinner:
The grand finale of the social events at EARLI 2015 - food, drinks, chatter and laughter. The event will take place at the St. Raphael Resort, the 28th August at 19.30.  Buses will depart for the St. Raphael venue at 19:00 from the conference site. Check with the EARLI office or the EARLI information desk for more information.  More details will be announced on this website by the day before the event.

Closing Ceremony:
The conference committee will close EARLI 2015 and introduce EARLI 2017 conference hosts. Join us to toast a farewell to current and new conference organizer. The closing ceremony will take place at the Brown_B7, between 17.20-18.00.