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The JURE 2015 conference will take place in Limassol this year, at the main campus of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), lying at the city center. Limassol is the most vibrant city of Cyprus during summer, with a large variety of options that combine sea and mountains, urban and rural areas attracting thousands of tourists each year. 

While during this high season, finding accommodation is not always easy, we are working on ensuring that accommodation for the conference is easy to arrange for our doctoral and post-doctoral colleagues, at really low prices!!!

For this, we have reserved 9 University dorms, with 180 beds in total. The dorms are right at the city center, providing easy access to all conference venues and events. There are many traditional and international restaurants and cafeterias surrounding the area, creating a convenient and pleasant environment all around the year. All dorms are within walking distance from the conference venue.


Please visit the Online Booking Platform for making your reservations. 

The online booking platform 
 will be accessible until the July 15th, 2015. After that date, no more reservations requests will be available. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact us at jure2015.accommodation@gmail.com if you have any further questions regarding accommodation. 


Types of accommodation & Prices

There are different options of accommodation on the Cyprus University of Technology campus, which include studios, single, double and triple rooms, as well as some with single rooms with shared kitchen.

We have created two types of packages:

·       JURE Package(JP): Includes 3 nights lodging and 3 breakfasts (Arrive Saturday 22/8 - Depart Tuesday 25/8/2015)

·       JURE & EARLI Package (JEP): Includes 7 nights lodging and 7 breakfasts (Arrive Saturday 22/8 - Depart Saturday 29/8/2015)

In addition, an early arrival option for those who would like to participate in the social trips of JURE 2015 will be also available. Early arrival* includes 1night lodging before each package (Arrive Friday 21/8/2015).


As shown in the table below, the reservation prices vary, according to the type of package and room selected.

JURE & EARLI Package



Bed in single room with shared kitchen

193.00 Euros

Bed in single room - Studio

209.00 Euros

Bed in single room

217.00 Euros

Bed in double room

170.00 Euros (per bed)

Bed in triple room

147.00 Euros (per bed)


JURE Package



Bed in single room with shared kitchen

89.00 Euros

Bed in single room - Studio

96.00 Euros

Bed in single room

99.00 Euros

Bed in double room

80.00 Euros (per bed)

Bed in triple room

71.00 Euros (per bed)

*The cost for the early arrival option is equal to 25euros.

Please note that prices are listed per person. All rates include daily breakfast at our University’s ZAPPEION cafeteria. Taxes are also included in these rates. Each person staying in a double or triple room must register and pay separately.

Regarding rooms to be shared, matching will be based on gender (e.g. two males or two females could share a double room). In case, colleagues/friends would like to share a room, such requests will be fulfilled, only whether it is possible, based on room availability.



Throughout your stay for the conference, continental breakfast enriched with traditional flavors will be provided every day, at our University’s "ZAPPEION" Cafeteria. Breakfast is included in both packages. The cafeteria is conveniently located at the Heroes Square, 6 minutes away from the conference venue. So stop by, enjoy your breakfast and start your day at the conference. 

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Dorms: Location and distance from the conference venue

The 9 University dorms are located within a walking distance from the conference as well as the breakfast venue, ranging from 250m (3 minutes walking) to 1.1km (15 minutes walking). Please note that reservations will be arranged from the closest to the most distant dorms, according to the date of reservation. In simple words, first comes, first served!

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Damages policy

In case there are any damages in the rooms rented at the Cyprus University Technology Campus, people renting the specific room will be asked to submit the amount needed for covering the damage.