EARLI 2015


Doctoral Consortium Lunch

Doctoral Consortium Lunch  on Thursday August 27th (12:45 – 13:45) at the Ktisis building (Purple_H2 room)

The doctoral consortium lunch meeting is meant for PhD students who are at the final stages of their doctoral studies and for those who have recently earned their doctoral degree. The meeting focuses on exploring core resources and challenges in transition from PhD student to post- doctoral researcher. The aim is to identify the key areas where early career researchers, either at the final stages of their PhDs or at the early stages of their post- doctoral career, need support or guidance. The meeting is a starting point for a more long-term and sustainable process, where a senior member of EARLI will provide support and mentoring to a group of PhD students or early career researchers who share similar needs or interests.

The doctoral consortium meeting will proceed as follows:

1)     Small group discussion of ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ during the PhD process, including phases after completion of PhD. Groups create a map of doctoral journey where they mark critical incidents.

2)     Identification of key areas which are of importance to the participants considering their further development.

3)     Grouping participants sharing similar needs or interests.

After the meeting each group will be assigned a senior member who will organise further discussions or activities for the group. The groups are encouraged to work with a joint project, for example, organizing workshop or symposia or establishing a special issue.  


Organisers of the meeting:
Liisa Postareff (EARLI EC / JURE Portfolio holder, Coordinator of SIG 4 Higher Education)

Kirsi Pyhältö (Coordinator of SIG 24 Researcher Education and Careers)


As the number of attendees is dependent on the capacity of the venue, it is limited to 40 participants total. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please stay tuned for an update of the location! There are still places available - so register by filling the Doctoral Consortium Lunch Registration Form and save your spot!

Please note: The Lunch with the Professors is an EARLI event, so in order to take part you must be registered for EARLI 2015, not just for JURE 2015. Thank you.