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  • Do I need to submit a full paper or an abstract for the EARLI 2015?

    When submitting a paper, you will need to prepare the following:
    • An extended summary of 600-1,000 words, detailing the aims, methodology, findings, and theoretical and educational significance of the research. This extended summary is the basis for the reviewers.
    • An abstract of 100-250 words.

    All information on paper submission are featured in the EARLI 2015 submission guide. You find it on the Submission & Registration - page.

  • Is an EARLI membership required to submit a proposal?

    An EARLI membership is not a requirement for submitting a proposal, however you will have to register for an EARLI account (which is free of charge). An EARLI account is needed for submitting a proposal, as it is linked to the submission system. You can find more information on the submission page of the website and you can create your EARLI account here. 

  • When registering for an EARLI account, I receive the message that “There is already at least one user with the same last name”.

    Please contact the EARLI office (info@earli.org) to proceed with your registration.

  • Where can I find more information regarding the submission requirements and different type of proposals?

    All information on paper submission are featured in the EARLI 2015 submission guide are available at the Submission & Registration - page. The various conference formats are introduced and explained in detail. 

  • I would like to attend your conference next summer and would like to know if you will be offering student discounts or travel grant options?

    We offer a reduced conference fee for master or PhD students but no travel grants. You can apply for the JURE membership on the JURE section of our website. After the EARLI office has received your proof of studentship, and after your membership application has been approved, you will receive a reduced conference fee. 

  • Is EARLI membership required for attending both JURE and EARLI 2015?

    An EARLI membership (JURE or FULL) in 2015 is required for attending the EARLI 2015 conference. Participants who will attend the JURE 2015 pre-conference and the EARLI 2015 biennial conference, need to become a member throughout the registration process. Participants who only attend the JURE 2015 pre-conference, and not the EARLI 2015 biennial conference, don't need to become a member to attend the conference.

  • What is the difference between an EARLI account and EARLI membership?

    An EARLI account is more general than EARLI membership. Everyone who is a member of EARLI this year, has an EARLI account. But everyone who has ever been a member of EARLI, has an EARLI account, since their membership details are saved in our membership database, in order to activate their membership easily, without having to enter all these details once more on the membership application form. When someone registers for the EARLI conference, they will automatically become a member of EARLI in 2015 throughout the registration process. EARLI membership is not required for participants who only attend the JURE conference and not the EARLI conference.

    Please visit the EARLI website http://www.earli.org/membership to learn more about JURE or FULL membership of EARLI. If you have been a member of EARLI since 2005, but can't remember your login details, please visit http://www.earli.org/passwordforgotten.


    If you are a student and entitled to the JURE registration fee for the JURE 2015 and EARLI 2015 conference (more about the JURE membership requirements), you have to apply for the JURE membership first, so before registration, through the EARLI office. Please fill out the form online: choose JURE member and complete the online payment of 35 euro. Immediately after this, send a proof of student status to the EARLI office, either by email or by fax to +32 16 23 19 00. Only after we have received this fax and approved your student status, you will receive a membership confirmation E-mail from EARLI. Registration for the EARLI 2015 conference at the reduced rate for JURE members is not possible before receiving the JURE membership confirmation E-mail. Please note that the system needs 24h to process new memberships, and to recognise you as a JURE member when you register for the conference.

    If you are entitled to the reduced student registration fee, it is required to complete your JURE membership application (payment + sending the proof of student status to the EARLI office) at the latest on 1 April 2015; in order to avoid problems when the early bird deadline is approaching. If your membership application is not completed, we cannot guarantee the reduced EARLI bird registration fee.  If you are entitled to a student registration fee but you have completed a registration as a Full Member, you are not entitled to a refund. Approval of your JURE membership is required before the registration process has started.

  • Will the papers presented at the conference be published?

    There will be a book of abstracts which will be available from the earli2015 website, but which will not be printed. There will be no official publication with conference proceedings. 

  • My submission is rejected due to a word count problem

    While entering your submission details, you receive the message that your submission (either short or extended abstract, or both) contains too many words. However, according to the word count on Microsoft Word, you did not surpass the maximum length for your abstract. 

    Please use the method described below.

    Step 1: Open notepad - or any other rich-text format (rtf) editor - on your computer. 

    Step 2: Copy-paste your abstract in notepad, this will remove all the word lay-out and page setup which could conflict with the submission system. 

    Step 3: Copy-paste the text from notepad into the submission tool. 

    Step 4: Save your submission. 

    If this method does not work, please inform us on info@earli2015.org.

  • After submitting, I notice that my title has been cut off

    Each submission requires a title of up to 100 characters (including spaces). Please note that if your title is longer, it will be automatically cut off upon exceeding the limitation. 

  • Does the paper submission word count include tables and references?

    Yes, it does. Include only the most important references in your extended summary. For tables, you can convert them into an image and upload them via the "Appendix images" functionality.

  • Is there a limit to the number of proposals one can submit?

    exactly">mso-ansi-language:EN-GB">You may not participate as a presenter in more than two sessions, and, in addition, you can act once as a chairperson of a symposium and once as a discussant (ie maximum four appearances). You may participate as a non-presenting co-author as many times as you like. The conference programme will avoid timetable conflicts for presenting authors, chairpersons and discussants, but not for co-authors.


  • If a symposium is rejected, will all the four individual papers be rejected?

    No, if a symposium is rejected - e.g. because a single paper is too weak, the other contributions are accepted as single papers. 

  • Where can I create an EARLI account?

    Please contact the EARLI office, they will help you to set up an EARLI account. 

  • Do I need an EARLI account for co-authors who will not attend the EARLI conference

    Co-authors who do not attend the conference do not need an EARLI account nor an EARLI membership. It is only the submitting (presenting) author who needs the EARLI account (or ID) and membership and in a symposium, the submitting person also needs an EARLI account for each of the active conference participants (ie presenting author, chairperson, discussant and organiser) in this symposium.

  • How to handle the tables and references in the submitting summary?

    In regards to tables, these cannot be uploaded via the textfield and would need to go into seperate files and can be uploaded as appendices to your proposal. Please upload your appendices in .PNG, .JPG, .GIF or .BMP file format. In these appendices, there is no word-counting.