EARLI 2015


Funding for presenters

Funding for presenters

The EARLI Executive Committee would like to express its commitment to our members who are facing financial struggles and for whom the conference attendance is perhaps not an evident option. In order to do so, the EARLI EC offers funding which will be granted under the form of a waived conference fee to a number of participants that fit the requirements below. We feel that this extra funding might be helpful and that this would help to sustain our research community.

The following criteria will be taken into account in assigning the bursaries:

  • Having a proposal accepted for the EARLI 2015 conference. Only first authors can apply. Applications of persons attending the conference as a chair, discussant or co-author will not be considered. People who already have their conference fee waived by EARLI or are funded by an external funding body are not eligible either.
  • The average reviewing score for the applicant’s proposals, as result of the 2015 review process
  • The applicant’s list of publications (2005-2015) and scientific achievements from the past 10 years.
  • The applicant’s motivation of why he/she is eligible for a bursary (150-200 words) related to the financial situation of the country where he/she resides.

The EC will decide on who will be considered eligible for the waived conference fee.

Please note that the waived conference fee will be assigned to delegates participating in the EARLI Conference or in the EARLI + JURE Conference and not to delegates participating solely in the JURE conference.

Should you meet these criteria, please send your application form to the EARLI office via info@earli.org by March 23, 2015. Your request will be examined based on these requirements, after which you will be notified (beginning of April).