EARLI 2015


Conference venue

The EARLI 2015 will take place at the main campus of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), Athinon Street, Limassol, Cyprus.

The Cyprus University of Technology aspires to develop itself into a modern, pioneering University able to offer education and high level research in leading branches of science and technology which have high impact on the economic, technical, and scientific sectors. With its orientation towards applied research, the University aspires to establish for itself a role in support of the state and society in their efforts to confront contemporary sociproblems. 

The CUT campus is situated in the heart of the old city of Limassol and is surrounded by many restaurants and coffee shops.This is a link to the conference venue on Google Maps.

How to get to the conference venue

Public transportation in Limassol                          

Getting around Limassol is fairly easy as the city’s public transportation has been upgraded through an efficient, cost effective bus service promoted by the EMEL bus company. The ticket cost is €1.50 for a one way ticket, €2.50 for a nightly, €5.00 for a daily, whilst there is also the option of a weekly ticket for the price of €15.00. The buses travel between all popular resorts of the city as well as rural areas and their frequency is also quite good.


Here you can download the urban map of all routes run by the EMEL service in the city of Limassol. Check the bus service website to find the routes and timetables for buses to and from hotels and the seafront area in Limassol (route buses 25,30 and 31)  and a more detailed guide to all urban routes and timetables.

CENTRAL ROUTES (getting to the conference venue)

You can use the central routes bus service to and from the conference venue. Below is a map of all central routes run by the EMEL service in the city of Limassol. Check this page for pdfs of different routes or click for the pdf file of the central map.


 central map

There are three central routes which are near or on the area of the conference venue. You can choose from buses K200(green line), K201(blue line), and K202(orange line) Check the bus service website for routes and timetables.

*Please note that you must get off at Anexartisias, Stasinou or A. Themistokleous stops for the conference venue (green line).


There are night buses available to getting around in Limassol.  Download a map (not available at present from the bus service) of all night routes and/or check the bus service website for a more detailed guide to the different routes and timetables available.


You can use the EMEL bus service to explore villages in Limassol district. Check here for the maps of all rural routes. For more information on routes and timetables check the bus service website.