EARLI 2015


Conference theme

The theme of the EARLI 2015 conference is “Towards a Reflective Society: Synergies between Learning, Teaching and Research”.  The EARLI2015 theme addresses the emphases of the conference on research-based learning and instruction, while highlighting the crucial role of the systematic investigation of learning and teaching as a mechanism for promoting innovative and creative thinking and sustaining long-term societal growth.

Reflective citizenship lies at the heart of contemporary societies.  The 21st century calls for a redefinition of the forms of knowledge, skills and competences that are necessary for the advancement of our societies.  While the focus on basic skills and the need for disciplinary knowledge cannot be ignored, there is a need to work individually and collectively towards increasing the reflective capacity of our societies. This means that different stakeholders, such as learners of different ages and stages, teachers at all levels, and researchers need to focus on being reflective in their practices and need to synchronize efforts, so that we can all reach the ambitious goal for education as an integral and productive force of an innovative modern society.

We would like to thank our supporter Veikkaajat.com and others who participated.

If you will be submitting a proposal to the EARLI 2015 conference, we encourage you to relate to this general theme of the conference and highlight how your work contributes to it.