EARLI 2015


Information for chairs

For all sessions, chairs are asked to do two key things. Firstly, the chair acts as the Master of Ceremonies for the session, ensuring everyone keeps to the allotted time. Please be very strict about timing so that everyone has an equal opportunity to present their work. Secondly, the Chair is an enabler of interaction and discussion – this is one of the most important aspects of a research conference, so please foster discussion actively. Specific details for different session types is outlined below. Not all sessions are presented here -please check the page "Conference formats" to find out about the different types of submissions for EARLI 2015.

Your role is to manage the smooth flow of the symposium. Introduce presenters and discussant, and check everyone knows the timing. Each of the four presenters has 15 minutes, while the discussant is allotted 10 minutes. This will leave 20 minutes for open discussion, which it is your responsibility to facilitate. In every conference room, you will find three coloured cards with 5 minutes, 2 minutes and TIME'S UP written on them so that you can give the presenters a clear indication of the time left.

Paper Presentations
Your role is to manage the timing of the presentations and check that all runs smoothly. Introduce yourself to the presenters and encourage them to upload their presentations before the session begins. Remind them of the timing: with four presenters, each one has 20 minutes, including time for questions.  We recommend preparing for a 15 minute presentation and allowing five minut There should be at least ten minutes at the end of the four presentations for general questions and discussion. You will be given three coloured cards with 5 minutes, 2 minutes and TIME'S UP written on them so that you can give the presenters a clear indication of the time left.

Poster Presentations
Your role is very important in making each poster sessions a vibrant opportunity for exchanging research. If presenters have not already done so, encourage them to put up their posters on the boards. There will be up to 6 presenters per session. Each presenter has 5 minutes to present their poster to the audience. Please allow one or two clarifying questions after that. When all posters have been presented, there is time for an in-depth discussion between presenters and the audience. This might be as a whole group but is more likely to be one to one conversations. As Chair, you will need to explain how the session runs as it may be unfamiliar to some delegates and then manage the timing. Materials for fixing posters on the walls will be provided.

Round Tables
Your role as chair of a round table session is to facilitate a lively discussion and to make sure each presenter has the same amount of time to talk and interact with the group. The Round Table offers opportunities for a more discursive exploration of research issues. Up to six presenters will be allocated to each session and will sit around a large table. Each presenter should explain the research and the research issue, and invite the participants to help to discuss emerging data or to solve a research issue or problem.