EARLI 2015


Submission & registration

Proposal Formats

Paper sessions are 90 minutes long, in which 3 conceptually linked papers are presented and discussed. Each presentation will last 15 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions. The session concludes with a 15 minutes discussion with the audience.

Poster sessions involve visually presented research studies. Each poster is introduced with a brief oral presentation (max. 3 minutes). After the introductions there is time to individually walk around the posters.

Round Table sessions are 60 minutes in length. Round tables should give you the opportunity to discuss outcomes as well as the design of research projects or research in progress. Each round table session will consist of 2 conceptually linked projects. Each presenter has 5 minutes to introduce his/her project and raise one or two open questions. Twenty-five minutes are intended for discussion. Presenters should prepare a handout for the other participants but not a slide presentation.


Check here soon for information on registration for the conference.