EARLI 2015


Marios Papaevripidou

Hello! I am Marios Papaevripidou and I am a Specialist Teaching Fellow in Science Education at the Department of Educational Sciences at University of Cyprus. I hold a B.A in Educational Sciences, a M.A and a Ph.D in Learning in Natural Sciences. My research interests entail the impact of modeling-centered inquiry curriculum and designed learning environments, in conjunction with the use of computer-supported modeling tools, on learners’ development of modeling competencies and on teachers’ understandings of teaching science as modeling-centered inquiry.
Given my role as the chair of the JURE 2014 conference organized at the University of Cyprus last summer (www.earli-jure2014.org), I joined the local organizing committee of JURE2015 to serve as a liaison between the past and the forthcoming conference organizing committees through sharing experiences and lessons learned from JURE 2014.