EARLI 2015


Abstract submission form

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You may return at any stage in the future, using the link and password that was emailed to you, and modify any information that you save, prior to submitting the final form. 

Please make sure that your abstract meets the evaluation criteria; in particular, we will not accept papers that do not include information on the research questions, the research design and methodology, the methods used for analysis of results, the interpretation of the results and their implications for the theoretical context. The relevance of your paper to the EARLI Conference Goals and Themes is also included in the review criteria. You can find additional details on the review process and criteria that will be used by the evaluator at the following link: Information on review process

Please note that all information will be published exactly as you submit it. No editing will be done by the organizers. Please also take care to avoid spelling or syntactical errors. Please also use capital letters and small letters where appropriate, exactly as you would like them to appear in the published versions.


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